The Maine Retreat

JUNE 9-18, 2023 IN SACO, MAINE

Being and Manifesting - The Three Bodies of Enlightenment

According to the vajrayana tradition, every journey that we make throughout the entire path is based on the trikaya. It is based on the achievement of the perfect trikaya principle: the basic physical state, or nirmanakaya; manifestation, or sambhogakaya; and finally, the fundamental nonfixation and nonduality of “I” and “other” altogether, or dharmakaya.”—Chögyam Trungpa

According to Trungpa Rinpoche, if we want to really understand the dharma—where the dharma comes from, how the dharma arises, how it is transmitted, and how it is embodied —we need to study the trikaya, or the three bodies of enlightenment.  Connecting with these principles can give us a more complete sense of the spiritual journey and what it means to be a student.

The trikaya teachings pervade the dharma, especially the vajrayana. They point to the interplay of space, energy, and form in ordinary life as well as in enlightened mind. The dharmakaya has to do with space and is connected with the mind or consciousness. The sambhogakaya has to do with energy and is connected with speech and emotions. The nirmanakaya has to do with form and is connected with the body.

The trikaya teachings can seem daunting, but Trungpa Rinpoche grounds them in the grittiness and practicality of our lives and the need to work with our world just as it is. Over and over we experience energy arising from space, taking form, and dissolving. In fact, every morning we ourselves appear out of nowhere, as energy stirs, and we once again take form.  The trikaya principle pervades everything from the most mundane to the most profound. So every moment is an expression of enlightened energy, and every moment is workable.

This year’s main class will be based primarily on teachings from the third volume of the Profound Treasury: The Tantric Path of Indestructible Wakefulness.

Practice the Teachings of

The Profound Treasury of the Ocean of Dharma

During the Profound Treasury Retreat, we practice and study topics from The Profound Treasury of the Ocean of Dharma, a compilation of the teachings that Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche gave over a span of 13 years at the Vajradhatu Seminaries, an intensive 3-month program of study and practice he offered to his students. Participants are strongly encouraged to study The Profound Treasury of the Ocean of Dharma, especially the suggested readings, to help prepare for the retreat.

See the reading list.

Head teacher

Judy Lief

Judy Lief was a close student of Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche, who trained and empowered her as a teacher. She has been a Buddhist practitioner and teacher for over 45 years, and continues to teach throughout the world. Judy is an editor of many of Chögyam Trungpa’s books including, The Profound Treasury of the Ocean of Dharma volumes. Judy is also active in the field of death and dying, and is the author of Making Friends with Death: A Buddhist Guide to Encountering Mortality. She offers workshops and retreats on the contemplative care of the dying for pastoral counselors, hospice workers, caregivers, and healthcare professionals. Her numerous articles have appeared in Lion’s Roar magazine, Buddhadharma: The Practitioners Quarterly, O Magazine, Tricycle, and The Naropa Journal of Contemplative Psychotherapy, among others. Her podcast series Dharma Glimpses is a series of talks on different aspects of meditation practice and is based on Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche’s unique presentation of meditation.She lives in Boulder, Colorado.


The price of the Profound Treasury Retreat includes the retreat, lodging, and meals. The price varies depending on the type of lodging you choose. We encourage you to apply early. Our refund policy and other useful information is in our FAQ section. 

Accessible Housing: The Ferry Beach Retreat Center has two accessible rooms available for individuals with physical limitations. For more information about accessible rooms and their pricing contact us.

The Ferry Beach kitchen accommodates a wide range of diets and dietary needs including omnivore, vegetarian, vegan and gluten or dairy-free. We will ask participants to fill out a questionnaire before the retreat to make sure everyone’s preferences, special dietary needs, or allergies are part of the meal planning. You can find more information on meals at the retreat here.

Fees and Housing Options

Pricing Plans

For any questions regarding our pricing plans below, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Double Room
Most Popular!
Per Person
  • Linens Provided
  • May Specify Roommate
Single Room
Per Person
  • Linens Provided
Double Tent
Per Person
  • You Supply the Tent, Gear and Towels
  • Must specify tentmate
  • All sites have electricity
  • Some sites include a platform
Single Tent
Per Person
  • You Supply the Tent, Gear and Towels
  • All sites include electricity
  • Some sites include a platform
Triple Room
Per Person
  • Linens Provided
  • Bunk Beds

“Generosity is a willingness to give, to open without philosophical or pious or religious motives, just simply doing what is required at any moment in any situation”

– Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche

Financial support

The Profound Treasury Dharma Foundation is committed to offering the authentic transmission of Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche’s teachings to all, regardless of their financial capacity.

If it will make the difference between attending or not attending the retreat, we encourage you to request financial support when you apply. Decisions on financial support are made concurrently with the application review.

If you would like to join us in offering financial support to those who need it to attend, please go to our Donations page.

The Profound Treasury Dharma Foundation is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization. All donations are tax deductible to the full extent allowed by law.

Sample Schedule for a Study Intensive Day


Elective Classes

Teachers: Travis DeTour & Jade Weston
The Four Foundations of Mindfulness provide a framework for cultivating and deepening mindfulness. While these teachings originate from the Buddha and continue to be taught across many Buddhist traditions, Chogyam Trungpa adapted them in a characteristically unique way. Each foundation offers a perspective for observing and understanding our experience with greater levels of subtlety, clarity, and compassion. This elective will provide an overview of each Foundation along with experiential practices and discussion to deepen our understanding of the insights and wisdom that these teachings offer.

TRAVIS DETOUR: Travis DeTour has been meditating in the Shambhala community since 2011 where he first encountered and fell in love with the teachings of Choygam Trungpa Rinpoche. Travis has held various leadership roles over the years, including leading the 30’s and Under group in Boston, teaching meditation in various contexts, and is now a board member of the Boston Shambhala Center. He attended the first Profound Treasury Retreat in 2013 and in recent years has offered A/V and tech support for the annual retreat at Ferry Beach. Travis currently works for the Buddhist Digital Resource Center as a digital archive engineer and has helped to setup digitization projects for Buddhist manuscripts in Thailand, Mongolia, and Nepal. In his non-existent spare time Travis enjoys salsa dancing, travel to distant lands, and befriending dogs.

JADE WESTON: Jade Weston has been practicing and studying with the Profound Treasury since 2013. She’s been a member of the Opening the Profound Treasury editing committee and has most recently joined Prajna Moon, a collective of the next generation of dharma teachers committed to sharing Buddhist wisdom in the lineage of Trungpa Rinpoche. She studied for over 13 years in the Shambhala tradition, where she began her training as a teacher in 2013. She’s collaborated with teachers across many Buddhist lineages over the course of her career. She worked at Shambhala Publications for over 8 years, where she launched the online courses program that connected her to Judy Lief and this community. She’s now a Senior Producer at Ten Percent Happier, a tech company that shares secular wisdom and meditation practices for a wide audience. In 2022, she had the honor of working with His Holiness the Dalai Lama to create a course on compassion that has reached millions. She’s currently undergoing a two-year Zen Buddhist chaplaincy training with Roshi Joan Halifax.


Teachers: Michele Laporte & Guests

In this class, we will explore Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche’s approach to poetry and song. Trungpa Rinpoche’s poetry is extremely personal and revealing—it offers a rare glimpse of the inner life of the poet. We will spend some time reading his poems, exploring the interpretations and impact of some of his most important poetic images. We’ll discuss Rinpoche’s overall approach to language and art. And finally, we’ll discuss Rinpoche’s approach to composing poetry, with the opportunity to write poetry ourselves using his technique.

With special guest teachers David Rome, Judy Lief, and Carolyn Gimian.

MICHELE LAPORTE: is a longtime student of Tibetan Buddhism as well as other Asian dharma traditions. She has studied and practiced Buddhism, primarily as a student of Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche, since the 1970’s. Professionally she has been an illustrator and graphic designer for many years, working both in Europe and in New York, where she has also been involved with the Asian art world for several decades as a gallery manager and painting conservator. Michele teaches courses on sustainable design, environmental issues, systems theory, and project design at Parsons/ New School University, and Dharma Art upon occasion in practice environments.

(Photo – Bob DelTredici)


Teacher: Tavita Martinez

The pandemic has been challenging. Many have experienced loss, grief, and death. The pandemic has altered how we connect with those we love and how we interact with others. This class will explore how we work with open heart in the face of the 3 poisons (greed, hatred, ignorance) through embodiment practices coupled with Dharma.

TAVITA MARTINEZ: Tavita is a community based therapist specializing in trauma and spirituality through Mudwymn. She began practicing meditation while visiting Thailand in 2000 and has continued on the path.


Teachers: Gail Flynn, Susan Lirakis, Emily Waters

Dharma Art has the power to awaken our senses, connect us with the energy within and around us, and tune us into our surroundings. There are no prerequisites for being an “artist.” A fresh, curious mind and a sense of humor are all you need to dive into this wonderful way of connecting with the Dharma and your own creative spirit. Inspired by the teachings found in Chogyam Trungpa’s book True Perception: The Path of Dharma Art, we will work with our five senses, the elements of our natural surroundings (wind, sand, water, sky, woods), and a range of more “traditional” materials, allowing Dharma Art- inspired works to unfold throughout the week.

“The skill one brings to creating a work of art is not different from the attitude, insight, skill with which one approaches every aspect of everyday life.” -Chogyam Trungpa

GAIL FLYNN: has been a student of Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche since 1976. She graduated with a B.S in art education. She has taught art and calligraphy to students from kindergarten -seniors and in public schools. Gail co-owns Trident Booksellers and Cafe in Boston . She is a mother and grandmother of four. She lives in Boston and Vermont (where her studio is), with her husband.

SUSAN LIRAKIS: is a practitioner of dharma and has been making photographs since she was six years old. As a working artist, her imagery has been supported through the New Hampshire State Council on the Arts and the National Endowment for the Arts, among others. For several decades, Susan coordinated the education program and Artist in the School Programming through Sandwich Home Industries/League of New Hampshire Craftsmen for her community.

EMILY WATERS: started an earnest relationship with both Buddhism and Art while studying at Middlebury College, as a double major in Buddhist Studies and Studio Art. After many years of trying out different meditation techniques on her own, she discovered Westchester Meditation Center in New York in 2019, and has been practicing Buddhism within the lineage of Chogyam Trunpga Rinpoche with that sangha ever since (complemented by study with Derek Kolleeny’s Rime Shedra group). Professionally, she has been working as a fashion designer and design consultant in New York City for the past 15 years (including receiving a secondary degree in the subject from Parsons), with a recent shift in emphasis toward harnessing the power of design to make the apparel industry more sustainable, inclusive, and ethical. Emily recently relocated to Auckland, New Zealand with her family, but remains closely connected to the WMC sangha. Her artistic passions lie mostly within the fields of drawing, painting, and textile art, though she also loves writing, sculpting, music, photography, and installation art.


Arrival and Departure

Arrival day is Friday, June 9th. Plan to arrive after lunch and before dinner, 2pm – 5:30pm, to register and settle in. The first event is dinner at 6pm followed by an opening ceremony and welcome talk by Judy Lief at about 7pm.

The retreat ends on Sunday morning, June 18th, with final remarks and a closing ceremony during which all participants take down the shrine and close the shrine room. We need to vacate our rooms by 10am on Sunday – instructions will be given for where to leave luggage.

The closing ceremony is a very important part of the Profound Treasury Retreat. Please schedule your departure from Ferry Beach after 11:30am on Sunday, June 18th – lunch is optional.

Please make your travel plans accordingly. If you must arrive later than dinnertime on Friday, June 9th, or leave earlier than 11:30am on Sunday, June 18th, let us know as soon as possible by emailing the retreat coordinators,

During your travels to the retreat on June 10th, if any emergency should arise please call or text Scott 616-822-4433, or call the Ferry Beach Conference Center at 207-282-4489.

The Ferry Beach Retreat & Conference Center address is 5 Boardwalk Drive (formerly Morris Avenue), Saco ME 04072.  Their website has very good information on travel options, including driving instructions from all four directions. You can check that out on their site at Directions.

For those who are flying, there are three airports in the vicinity of Saco, ME, where Ferry Beach is located:

  • Portland Jetport in Portland, ME
  • Logan International Airport in Boston, MA, and
  • Manchester Airport in Manchester, NH.

The closest airport is Portland, ME, but you might get a better deal flying into Boston. From Boston’s Logan Airport, you can take the Amtrak Downeaster train to Saco, ME (book ahead for significantly lower rates), or you can also take a bus to Portland on Concord Coachlines.  Also check out our rideshare website to find or offer a ride:

Ferry Beach Retreat & Conference Center is not offering a shuttle service this year.  They are recommending Uber or Lyft from Portland, or look up a local taxi service.  Please consider signing up for rideshare here:

What to Bring

We will provide meditation cushions—gomdens, zabutons, and a limited number of zafus and support cushions. We also have chairs for those who prefer them. However, if you use a meditation bench or a favorite cushion, please bring it with you.

Ferry Beach provides each participant staying in a dorm with 1 set of linens, which includes sheets, towels, a pillow, and a blanket. If you need anything else, you will need to bring it. For example, you might want to bring a beach towel or an extra blanket or that special extra-fluffy pillow.

Campers do not receive linens or towels. Please bring these with you when you come.

Daily dress for the program is casual but uplifted (in other words, not loose work-out clothing). Please refrain from clothing with complicated designs and messages as they can become distracting entertainments or annoyances during sitting periods. We advise you to check the weather in Saco, Maine, for the retreat period just prior to coming and bring appropriate outdoor clothing. Maine in June is likely to be chilly in the evenings so layers are recommended. You should have rain gear and/or an umbrella, especially if you are camping. We have a celebratory banquet on the last night, so please bring one dressy outfit for that occasion.

Please remember to bring Covid Test Kits (at least three tests) and enough  medical or (preferably ) N95 masks for the full length of the program. We also recommend bringing a small portable supply of hand sanitizer to carry with you throughout the day.

Bring all your own toiletries including soap and shampoo. These items are not provided. Also bring any other personal care items and prescription, non-prescription vitamins & supplements that you use or may need. Again these items are not provided and unless it’s an emergency we are not able to shop for them during the retreat.

Ferry Beach Retreat & Conference Center is located 4 miles away from any kind of shop so there is no opportunity to pick up items once at the retreat. There is no store on the location of the retreat. Consider things like snacks, contact lens solution, soap and deodorant when packing for the trip. It’s Maine, so tick and mosquito repellent as well as sun protection are great to bring.

  • A flashlight
  • Bathing suit for the beach
  • Flip flops for the beach or showers
  • You may want a shawl or a throw for chilly mornings or evenings in the shrine room. 
  • Open containers like mugs are not allowed in the shrine room. If you need to bring liquids into the shrine room, please bring a spill-proof bottle or mug.


Practice. Practice. Practice.

The most important preparation you can do for the retreat is to have a regular sitting practice. Try to meditate every day and do longer sessions on the weekends. If you are able to attend group meditation sessions, that would be excellent. If you have been introduced to tonglen practice, make it a point to incorporate this into your daily and weekly practice so that it feels familiar to you.

If you’d like to purchase a PTR Chant Book ($30 including shipping within the US), please email

A great way to prepare for the retreat is to watch the video courses of past Profound Treasury Retreats produced by Shambhala Publications.


Keeping in mind that Maine can be chilly in June, especially in the early morning and at night, bring warm sleeping bags and blankets. Campers should also bring their own pillows, towels, linens and any other creature comforts. Be prepared for rain.

Since the camping area is in the pine forest across from the Retreat Center, consider mosquito netting or repellent, a light source such as a lantern and flashlight, and a sleeping pad or air mattress. Flip flops or other easy on/off shoes are great for the trek to the showers and WC.


All of the housekeeping and meals – cooking and kitchen clean-up – are provided for us by the Ferry Beach staff. However, you will have the opportunity to participate in shrine room duties at the retreat. This is an important part of our practice and community. We sweep and clean the shrine room and the post-meditation hall daily–sand blows in from the beach, which is just a few feet away!

There are also opportunities to volunteer for shrine room duties such as ikebana (flower arranging), umdze (chant leader and time-keeper), gatekeeper, shrine-keeper, and drummer during chants. If you have an interest in any of these positions, there is always an opportunity for training and practice in a supportive atmosphere. You can sign up for these positions at a board in the post-meditation hall, where daily announcements are posted.

We also have a number of events that require extra effort from our community, for our community. These include building a bonfire one night, setting up for the final banquet, and help with any feasts. Volunteering is a great way to meet new people and engage with the retreat.

Food and Drink

Ferry Beach does its best to accommodate everyone’s needs, and provides vegetarian and vegan options for those who request them prior to the retreat, as well as gluten-free and dairy-free options. 

All participants will receive a Participant Questionnaire asking for information about their food needs and preferences. It’s important to fill this out so that the kitchen staff can plan to meet your dietary needs.

With respect and consideration for other participants, the PTR has a policy of no public consumption of alcohol during the retreat – except at the banquet when alcoholic beverages are offered.

The retreat is an opportunity to explore our habitual tendencies – including those around alcohol – and participants are encouraged to refrain from drinking during the retreat.


We have the OCEAN! It is brisk!!

Costs and Money

Prices range depending on the type of accommodations you select. Please see the Pricing section for more details.

If you withdraw after April 28th, 50% of your program fee is non-refundable. If you withdraw after May 26th, a refund is unlikely as we will be committed to paying our host facility for the full cost of your participation. After the retreat, the Administrative Team will review finances and make additional refunds wherever possible.

The Profound Treasury Dharma Foundation is committed to offering the authentic transmission of Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche’s teachings to all who want to receive them, regardless of their financial capacity. Please see Financial Support above for more details.

You can apply for a financial support during the Application process. Funds are not unlimited, and are awarded on a first-come, first-serve basis. Please apply as early as possible. You will be notified of your financial support in your acceptance letter.

There is no ATM on premises or nearby. Please plan for cash needs before arriving since we cannot make trips into the village to get money.

Since there is no ATM on site, you should bring some cash (and/or a checkbook) for incidental expenses.

There will be an opportunity to offer a teaching gift to the head teacher (a traditional offering after receiving teachings). The amount of your teaching gift, if you wish to offer one, is completely up to you.

We also collect a small offering to show our appreciation for the Ferry Beach staff who who take such good care of us.

We can accept major credit cards for offerings if you don’t have cash.

Photography and Use of Electronic Devices

Participants cannot make video or audio recordings of the talks under any circumstances. An official retreat photographer will be taking photographs during the retreat. 

Finally, to maintain the contemplative atmosphere of the retreat, we ask that you do not use your mobile phone in public spaces and that you only use it in private if absolutely necessary.

COVID/How will the retreat be different this year

You must be fully vaccinated (per CDC guidelines) in order to attend the retreat. A recent booster shot is highly recommended.

If you have a cough or any flu-like symptoms, or if you have been in close contact with someone who tested positive for Covid within 7 days of your arrival, please do not come (contact us to discuss a refund).

In the days before your arrival, please limit your potential exposure to the virus. Wear a mask (N95 or KN95) in crowded indoor spaces. If you travel to retreat by plane, please wear a mask, and continue to wear a mask at retreat in shared spaces for at least the first 72 hours.

Please take a rapid test 48 hours before your arrival and email us a picture of the test result (details to follow).

Please bring at least two Covid tests with you. One to be taken upon arrival and the other on Day 3.

We recommend that everyone wear a mask indoors until we can confirm that all participants have tested negative on Day 3

Masking will be mandatory in the food service line to protect vulnerable Ferry Beach staff. 

Outdoor meditation spaces will be available.

If you experience symptoms while at retreat, you must notify us immediately and mask, isolate, and test. If you test positive while at retreat, you will be asked to isolate and then leave as soon as practicable. Additional information will be provided at registration.

We will continue to monitor the situation, and will make changes to our guidelines accordingly. Please check back here for any additional updates.

The Team

The 2023 Retreat Coordinators
Scott Lafontsee


Scott and Liz will be making sure all aspects of the retreat run as smoothly as possible. Don’t hesitate to reach out to Scott if you have questions about the retreat that aren’t covered here.

Liz Greene


Liz will be working closely with Scott and is handling the registration process this year. Please contact her if you need any help navigating any aspect of that.

The Retreat Location

Ferry Beach is 30 minutes south of Portland, ME; 90 minutes north of Boston, MA;
and 5 miles from the Saco Amtrak station.

Ferry Beach

5 Boardwalk Drive (formerly Morris Ave), Saco ME 04072
Directions to Ferry Beach