Readings for Sharpening the Sword of Prajna

These are the chapters we will be focusing on in the main class. You can download a list which includes optional supplemental readings for the main class as well. If possible, please read the chapters before arriving. Enjoy and see you in Maine! – Judy Lief

Readings in the Hinayana Volume

  • PART THREE: Meditation/Samhadi (~ 40 pp)
  • Shamatha: The Practice of Mindfulness
  • Chapter 22. Simplicity
  • Vipashyana: The Practice of Awareness
  • Chapter 43. The Freshness of Unconditional Mind (1)
  • Chapter 44. Beyond Picking and Choosing
  • Chapter 45. The Art of Everyday Living
  • Chapter 46. Glimpses of Emptiness
  • Chapter 49. Self-Perpetuating Awareness

    Readings in the Mahayana Volume

    • PART FIVE: Emptiness and Compassion (~ 50 pp)
    • Chapter 18. Emptiness
    • Chapter 19. Discovering a World Beyond Ego
    • Chapter 20. Emptiness and the Middle Way
    • Chapter 21. Realizing the Emptiness of Ordinary Reality
    • Chapter 22. Experiencing Reality in its Fullest Sense
    • Chapter 23. Contemplating Emptiness
    • Chapter 24. Awakening Unfabricated Perception

    Supplemental Readings – Optional

    • Glimpses of the Profound, Chögyam Trungpa (Glimpses of Mahayana, Glimpses of Emptiness)
    • The Path is the Goal, Chögyam Trungpa
    • Contemplating Reality, Andy Karr
    • The Heart Attack Sutra, Karl Brunnhölzl