Readings for Fear and Courage: Rising to the Challenge of Wakefulness

These are the chapters we will be focusing on in the main class. You can download a list which includes optional readings for the Elective Classes as well. If possible, please read the chapters before arriving. Enjoy and see you in Maine! – Judy Lief

Readings in the Hinayana Volume

  • Chapter 59. The Doubtless Path

In the hinayana, we are challenged to work on ourselves,
to face the pain of life and uncover the roots of suffering.
We are challenged to refrain from harm, to open our hearts,
and develop loving kindness.

Readings in the Mahayana Volume

  • Chapter 2. Love, Vision, and Warriorship
  • Chapter 3. Doubt and Delight
  • Chapter 6. Cultivating Wholesomeness
  • Chapter 7. Expanding Your Practice

In the mahayana we are challenged to extend fearlessly to others.
We are challenged to continually expand our compassion,
deepen our wisdom, and join our vision with practicality.

Readings in the Vajrayana Volume

  • Chapter 2. The Transition to Vajrayana
  • Chapter 3. Entering the Diamond Path on a Solid Foundation
  • Chapter 4. Uncovering Indestructible Goodness and Wakefulness

In the vajrayana, we are challenged to drop our fears, pretensions, and hesitations
and take a leap into a profoundly confident and sacred way of being.
We are challenged to work directly with the elemental energies of life
and step fearlessly into the vajra warrior’s world of crazy wisdom and enlightened actions.