Reading for The Mandala Principle: Transforming Confusion Into Wisdom

Readings and Terms: These are the chapters we will be focusing on in the main class. If possible, please read the four starred chapters before arriving. Enjoy and see you in Maine! – Judy Lief

Readings in the Hinayana Volume

  • Chapter 2. The Frozen Space of Ego*
  • Chapter 9. The Painful Reality of Samsara*
  • Chapter 37. Rediscovering Your Own Mind*
  • Optional: Glimpses of Abhidharma by Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche
  • Terms in the Hinayana volume: ego, skandhas, kleshas, grasping, fixation, 8 kinds of consciousness, karma, nidanas, projection

Readings in the Mahayana Volume

  • Chapter 32. Prajna*
  • Terms in the Mahayana volume: emptiness, compassion

Readings in the Vajrayana Volume from Part Six: The Mandala Principle

  • Chapter 25. The Sphere of Self-Born Wisdom
  • Chapter 26. The Mandala of the Five Buddha-Families
  • Chapter 27. The Outer Mandala
  • Chapter 28. The Inner Mandala
  • Chapter 29. The Secret Mandala
  • Optional: Orderly Chaos by Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche
  • Terms in the Vajrayana volume: mandala, buddha families (buddha, vajra, ratna, padma, karma)